Tube & Fitting Scaffolding

Whilst Kwikstage Scaffolding is the most commonly used scaffolding in the industry, Tube and Fitting scaffolding is most commonly used where standard sizes and lengths are not appropriate. The advantages of tube and fitting scaffolding are that it allows for working levels to be at any height as well as offering more flexibility in design, especially for erecting scaffolding around historic facades and interiors. Although not as commonly used, many of our clients still opt for tube and fitting scaffolding as it gives them the ability to adapt to more complex geometries.

Tube and fitting scaffolding solution is used in an array of very complicated designs. This system is made up of different types of couplers and steel tubing. The Tube and Fitting scaffolding system is very tough when set up as the ledgers and standards are constant across the bays and is most commonly used where standard sizes and lengths are not appropriate. It is due to its horizontal scaffolding tubes having the ability to be placed at almost any height alongside the vertical scaffolding tube. Whilst the tube and fit scaffolding tube system is very versatile, it is also the most complicated to erect, and is often only used when versatility is primary concern to all other works on site. Fortunately, our skilled team are able to erect and disassemble tube and fit scaffolding in a safe and efficient manner, minimising any hassle for our clients.

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Tube and Fitting Scaffolding FAQ